I have 12 years of experience in Chinese medicine and manual therapy, with a MS in Oriental Medicine, and I’m a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine in NM.

Carol McGlauchlin


About Carol McGlauchlin

Hello, I’m Dr. Carol,

If you are in pain or recently became injured, then please keep reading.

If you just want a quick trip to the acupuncturist or just a gentle massage, then I am probably not for you.

How can you live your best life when you’re in pain?

My goal is to get you back to your life as quickly as possible, using my training and skills in acupuncture, bodywork, and a holistic approach to getting you up and running again.

I provide noticeable and measurable pain relief, even after the first visit.

Medical professionals today are trained to fix the x-ray via surgery or fix the lab numbers via pharmaceuticals. Often these procedures don’t address the true source of the problem, or they cause unnecessary side effects. On top of that, when you have pain but nothing shows up in the diagnostics, what can the doctor do? If the x-rays, MRIs and other scans are negative, what is left? The problem must be in the soft tissue, and this is my specialty!

I Believe:

♥ The most effective treatment works WITH the body and nervous system rather than against it.

♥ No two bodies are the same; therefore, one type of treatment does not work for everyone nor does it work for one person every appointment.

♥ Listening to the patient is crucial.

♥ Surgery and drugs can’t create health – health is created by the choices we make every day.

Me Personally!

Because I believe healthcare is a partnership between the patient and the practitioner it is only fair you know a little about me as I get to know about you.

I love learning, so I’m constantly researching, watching videos and webinars, attending seminars and reading books on a variety of topics.

I just love reading!

I have traveled on five continents, studied four languages, and I lived in Moscow, Russia for two years.

I also enjoy photography and turning my travel photos into art projects.Roxy McGlauchlin

I love dogs, although I don’t have one right now after saying goodbye to my pretty girl Roxy in January. 

My first primary career was accounting.

But wait – how did I go from accounting to acupuncture? It happened because of a psychic reading (I would not have chosen needles on my own!)

Many of my patients find it interesting, so keep reading and my credentials and resume follows.

There came a time in my accounting career when I realized that’s not who I was anymore. I just knew I would be miserable if I had to be an accountant for the rest of my life.


The question became; what do I want to be when I grow up? I searched but nothing was really speaking to me.  I saw a hypnotist, the only thing to come of that was I was neglecting my creative side. Then a colleague suggested court reporting. The court reporting school near me, in Anaheim, CA, was having an open house. I figured, why not, so I went to the open house. I found machine shorthand (stenography) was relatively easy for me because the steno machine was somewhat like playing piano. Well, I thought this was a sign from the universe…this was my new career, and I enrolled.


Not being particularly fond of Southern California, I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. However, it didn’t take long for me to figure out I couldn’t afford to live in Santa Fe, so I moved to Albuquerque within a year.


By the time I was halfway through court reporting school, I was becoming interested in alternative health care; no thought of becoming a practitioner. I had started Reiki and had been to a couple of nutrition workshops.


Then one day a coworker mentioned she had a friend who did psychic readings. My first thought was, “Yeah, right.” While I believe there are people, who truly have a gift, there are scammers out there, and I don’t know how to tell the difference. However, she was not expensive, so I went to her just for fun.


She was a very nice older lady, there was nothing woowoo about her or the session, at all. For most of the reading, she said fairly generic things none of which meant much to me. Then she said, “Spirit says you have a destiny path, and it’s like you are on the fence. No, no – it’s like you are sticking your toes in, but you’re afraid to jump in and go.” She said a few more things, and then paused to ask if I had any more questions.


What she didn’t know is I had recently experienced a series of coincidences all related to alternative health care, at the time I had no idea what they were all about.


I asked, “Is this my destiny path?”


She put her hands back on mine and said, “Spirit says yes. And you need to get on it.”


My first thought to the Universe was, “You couldn’t have told me this two years ago when I asked?” My next thoughts were, “But Carol, you did ask! Here’s an answer. You are changing careers anyway, so what are you going to do about it?”


This led me to the bookstore to find books on alternative health care, like a neon sign there on the shelf was a book entitled Planning Your Career in Alternative Medicine. “Well okay then, I guess that’s for me!” I read the book. I narrowed down my areas of interest to three: acupuncture, herbs, and massage.


I went back to the psychic and asked for further clarification. She clarified with, “I see you practicing acupuncture.”


I would never have chosen needles for myself, but because I was following what I thought was my destiny path, I soldiered on and enrolled in acupuncture school. It took some time for me to get comfortable putting needles in people; somehow, accounting just doesn’t prepare one for needles.


Looking back, I don’t believe I had a specific destiny path – that was just the phrase the woman used in the reading. I think when I was in California I was searching; I was putting a question out to the universe, and this was how I found an answer. I have no idea why it came two years later, but I do know it was the right path for my life.


Since then, I can say every time I have asked a question; an answer has come at some point. Every time I have followed the path indicated in the answer, circumstances and events have just magically fallen into place to make it easy. This happened when I started acupuncture school, when I bought my practice, and again when I went to massage school.

Continued Education is a Passion:

Over the years as my treatments evolved, I discovered that I really love bodywork, and I’m really good at it. That’s why I became a Licensed Massage Therapist, a couple of years ago, so I could provide more options in care for those who want more than acupuncture.

Currently, I’m studying to be a Corrective Exercise Specialist; so, I can create effective home exercise programs to assist my patients and clients even further.

I hope to see you soon so I can help you get back to a pain free life.

Dr. Carol

– Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Licensed Massage Therapist in Albuquerque, NM.


My Resume:


Bachelor of Science – Accounting, University of North Texas

Master of Science – Accounting, University of North Texas

Master of Science – Oriental Medicine, Southwest Acupuncture College

Certificate of Completion – Massage Therapy, Crystal Mountain Institute

Licenses and Certifications:

Doctor of Oriental Medicine, New Mexico License #908, 2005

Diplomat in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, NCCAOM National Board Certification #22257, 2004

Licensed Massage Therapist, New Mexico License #8992, 2018

Full Body Certified – Spontaneous Muscle Relief Technique, 2018

Certified Trigger Point Therapist, 2008

Reiki Master, 2020

Additional Training:

Acupuncture Sports Medicine

Thai Massage

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Master Tung Acupuncture

Balance Method Acupuncture

I love having patients walk out of my door feeling much better than they did when they walked in.

Welcome to Positive Health LLC, Located in Northwest Albuquerque

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