Carol gave me the best deep tissue massage I’ve ever had! I look forward to trying the Thai massage with Carol next. Thank you so much Carol!

~Deborah P

I live in California and occasionally come to Albuquerque to visit my boyfriend. The last time I visited he set up a couples massage for us.
I have had numerous massages in my life and Carol gave me the best massage in my life! I will be back!

~Jenna W

Both my son and I suffer from chronic pain. Thank goodness I called! Carol is an excellent therapist. My son and I are pain-free for the first time in years!

~Susan H

I think of myself as an experienced client of massage. I have received regular massages for the last thirty years. I recently scheduled a massage with Carol.
Quite frankly, it was one of the best massages I have ever had! She had great technique and flow. She is a keeper. 

~James E

Carol is absolutely awesome! I decided to make an appointment with her after reading her reviews and was not disappointed. She asks questions and listens to make sure she provides the best possible experience. I came in with back pain and felt so much better after I left. She spent a great amount of the time I was there focusing on my problem area, which is what I wanted. I will definitely go back!

~Rubi D

If you want all encompassing therapy, acupuncture and massage combined, Carol is for you. She dedicates herself to learning different ways to help all her patients.
She doesn’t do the same treatment on every person that walks through door. You will get care catered to you.

~Joli C

Carol was amazing! I suffer from back pain radiating down to my leg (herniated discs)
There’s only so much you can do I just got used to the pain but one session from her had me feeling like i had a whole new back her spontaneous muscle release technique felt like heaven
Even if you don’t suffer from an injury and just have any aches I definitely recommend her!!!!
She has the magic touch and you won’t regret it!

~Melissa R

Carol has had such a lasting impact on my health and well being. Every visit to Carol at Positive Health is restorative, therapeutic and healing.
She has helped calm both my nerves and muscles through her combining acupuncture and massage. I would recommend her 5 stars and beyond!!!

~T Bell

Ms Carol is great. Knows her anatomy, knows how to target. Would go back.


~Dionne R

I visited Positive Health for the first time after foot surgery because I was unable to find relief from pain. Carol’s acupuncture treatment was so successful that I decided to contact her about shoulder and then foot pain. Her in-depth knowledge of the human body and her extensive training in Oriental Medicine as well as Massage Therapy resulted in amazing improvement for me. Whether for relief of physical pain or metal stress Carol’s training allows her to develop a treatment that guarantees positive results.

~Regine M.

I have been going for a while for both massage and acupuncture. Every time I go I get a great treatment. I am currently going for acupuncture following my knee surgery. I always feel better afterwards whether it is acupuncture or massage.

~Randi W

Carol is an amazing doctor! She totally helped me with my headaches and neck pain using her special techniques. I will not go to any other doctor, I know she will help me with any pain without the use of medicine.


~Yadira O

Outstanding care, Dr. Carol uses her hands to massage throughout the entire Acupuncture treatment. I highly recommend Positive Health LLC.


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